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get the flow

Train your speech by rapping

About 5% of children and teenagers have a stutter. Vodafone wants to give these children a tool with which – next to social media and Whatsapp – they can communicate in words by using video. Working together with the Dutch Federation for Stuttering (NFS, part of and singer Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal), we created a stutter-app: Get The Flow.

Vodafone & DDB & Tribal Worldwide
Technical Development

The goal of the app is to train your speech in a cool way and to boost the confidence of children. The app is part of Powerful Connections, a project with which Vodafone shows how technology can connect people and make society a better place.

We collaborated with famous Dutch rappers, for every exercise they wrote special rap lyrics that make use of tongue twisters and alliterations that are hard to pronounce for children who stutter. A custom-built timing system automatically recognises if children don’t stutter. Children can track their improvements, share their tracks and connect with others to practice together. This reduces the feeling of being the only one with a stutter. The design was inspired by hip hop culture. The illustrations and animations give the app a fun and playful look and feel, making it attractive for young children.

67% of stuttering children used the app to practice speech. The app was downloaded 13,453 times. Around 13,200 children aged 6-12 suffer from stuttering (sources: CBS, NFS). The app has helped thousands to improve their speech skills. The app (rated 4.1 stars) is now an official stutter therapy, offered in 70 official stutter practices in the Netherlands. Social sentiment was 95% positive. The boy that starred in our documentary is now stutter free!

‘Get The Flow’ was featured in every major Dutch media title and picked up by many international media. We reached 66% of the Dutch population and the campaign got +89 million media impressions.

Vodafone Get the Flow has received many awards, FWA SOTD, 1 Epica, 2 Webby’s, 5 ADCN lamps, 2 D&AD pencils, 6 Spinawards, 5 Cannes Lions, 7 Eurobest Awards and 1 Eurobest Grand Prix.