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Mastering the force

Train to become a Jedi

Who doesn’t want to be a Jedi? Right, everyone. So, we made becoming a Jedi possible! Together with BrandLoyalty and Kaufland, Robot Kittens took millions of children and their parents on an unforgettable Star Wars mission. We created Star Wars Mastering the Force, which encourages kids (and big kids) to use their imagination and become active through play.

Kaufland, IceMobile, BrandLoyalty
Game Design, Game- and technical Development

With this concept we stimulate children to learn and understand the world through play. At the same time, children will learn that actions have consequences, leading to different life paths. We developed a concept where offline and online are completely intertwined. In order to progress in the app, people had to unlock cards and check in at stores. This ensured driving the sales of the retailer.

We used 4 stages of edutainment to engage the children. The stages took the children through different phases: developing knowledge about the Star Wars universe, focus on intrinsic training using physical activities and healthy recipes, practicing what you learned and the final stage: focus on the mind, and going on a true trial to become a master. Putting all their knowledge to the test and teaching them about mindfulness and inner balance.

The campaign was launched in eight countries and in 1,200 stores, coinciding with the release of the last episode of the Star Wars saga. Star Wars fans all over Europe enjoyed the spectacular visual app – giving them access to Augmented Reality models of Star Wars vehicles, droids and much more. Next to that, they could play puzzles in Augmented Reality, and unlock special Virtual Reality features. Imagine flying in a X-Wing in VR!