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McDelivery Detector

Is your dinner going up in smoke? Don’t worry! McDonald’s is here with the McDelivery Detector. The detector that automatically orders McDonald’s when you burn your food.

The idea is simple and uses tech, so something we automatically love. When we heard about the idea, we couldn’t wait to put our claws into it!

Technical Production

The McDelivery Detector works as follows: when the owner first gets the device, they can scan a QR code and input their favourite meal on the website. The device is then operational. After the device detects the smoke of burnt food, the owner receives a text message asking if they want to order McDelivery. After confirming, the food will be delivered to their home.

The McDelivery Detector is shaped in the iconic Big Mac shape. The outside was created by 3D printing a custom design, taking into consideration all the hardware that had to be fitted inside. This way we ensured keeping the iconic Big Mac shape intact, while being able to fit all the necessary wires inside. Robot Kittens created the software to run the McDelivery Detector, and we put many hours into assembling the hardware for all detectors. When the McDelivery Detector goes off, the owner hears the classic McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it!’ tune.

McDonald’s is giving away a limited amount of McDelivery Detectors to the people who need them the most. During the campaign period, people in the Netherlands can upload their cooking disaster in the McDonald’s app. After the campaign period, a jury will judge the best entries and the winners receive their own McDelivery Detector.

The campaign was widely picked up in international media right away, being featured all over the internet and it was even featured on an American morning news show!