Narcissus & Echo

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Covid was raging, so together with House of Makers wanted to create an experience using their focus on visual storytelling that could be done using the strict social distancing rules of the time.

So the story of Narcissus & Echo was used to create an immersive virtual reality experience that could tour around the country.

Client, House of Makers
Technical Production & Registration

The Narcissus & Echo project was created for stand-alone virtual reality headsets. The story had three views. One from the outside, one from the perspective of Narcissus, and one from the perspective of Echo. The users could switch from viewpoint during the show.

The show was a combination of 360-degree stereographic video, 3D elements, and a spectacular multi-layered soundtrack.

This project started with the registration of modern ballet chorography. We used an 8k stereographic 360 camera to do this. This meant in the final project the users that the possibility to look around in 360 degrees while keeping the stereographic (3D) view in the headset. After the registration created the environment and 3D elements and environments. We augmented these videos with assets that needed to respond in real-time during the show: like the ‘sphere’ host. The sphere needed to deform based on the audio directions and story points that it explained.

The show toured music venues that were unused because of Covid. They were dressed up to fit the view from within the show and extend the atmosphere of the experience.

The final product was an engaging experience and was sold out at every spot it was playing. So there was at least a single good thing to come out of this whole pandemic thing.