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Air Jordan

Shoot some hoops

For the exclusive launch of Jordan pack we’ve created an app to interact with the Past, Present and Future. Developed as an Augmented Reality add-on to the existing Sneakers'n'Stuff app, users could travel through a portal in the posters of the new Sneaker line.

Sneakers'n'Stuff & Ronin

Once through the portal, players could see how many free throws they could score in a minute, on their favourite yard. The sneakers were also featured in a full 3D rotatable view, so they could have an exclusive preview.


The challenge for this app was to create a stand alone 3D game module which could be integrated in the React Native app that users had already installed. Unity as a library to the rescue! We could develop our 3D augmented reality app stand alone and the developers of the SnS app could integrate the module in their app without being bothered by our development process.

The numbers don’t lie; With over 575.000 games played, over 57.000 new SnS app downloads and 50% of the raffle sign ups made through the app add on, the game was a huge success. The most amazing thing? With awesome collaboration between Ronin Amsterdam and Color Bleed, we were able to launch the add on within 4 weeks of its inception.